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The strain heavy.

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Another attack could kill him. His place for the next few years should be as a Presidential adviser or Cabinet official. If he is even smarter, sitting on an island beach somewhere explaining to his wife the mistakes the next President will be making. Key West orchids are among the most beautiful in the world. They grow anywhere and everywhere in the keys. When I bought my first Key West home, I relandscaped the entire property.

The Stapleton 2013 Gay Guide to Key West & The Florida Keys

Many new palm trees. The landscaper implanted on the trunks orchids which continued to grow every year. Beauty in every direction. This friday October 4 beginning at 6 pm, the annual Orchids in Paradise event will be held. At the lovely Curry Mansion. Orchids of exceptional beauty will be auctioned. It is Autumn up north. In my hometown Utica, in the Adirondack Mountains next door. The trees are changing color. It is anticipated this weekend will be the peak.

The colors the most glorious. It is interesting why and from where the colors come. I recall reading once it is because the leaves are dying.

A seasonal thing. New York has begun dealing with one of its traffic problems. The famous 14th Street. Beginning today, 14th street is closed, with certain exceptions, to vehicular traffic. No cars. Only buses, trucks, and emergency vehicles.

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From 6 am to 10 pm. Other cities have already successfully designated one way streets at certain times to ease a traffic problem. Toronto, Paris, and Barcelona. The cause obvious. Experts blame the U. Another thank you Donald scheme that failed. The trade war is causing a manufacturing recession not just in the U. It is global. The stock market has been down badly the past 2 days. Roughly points each day. Car sales took a dive in September. It was predicted yesterday small dairy farmers will be a thing of the past soon.

Small dairy farmers like mom and pop stores. Small dairy herds. More than the tariff war however, the small dairy farms are being killed by the bigger corporate farms. The two cannot compete.

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Secretary of State Michael Pompeo is a beauty. He wants to be President. Makes no bones about it. Sees himself running in I doubt it. All I see him running for is the hills. He is a little Trump. His participation and lack of truth in the present Ukraine problem is doing him no good. He is a liar same as his boss. There was an early morning press conference yesterday. The reporters were seated in the press room waiting.

The mouse won.

The Stapleton 2013 Gay Guide to Key West & the Florida Keys

He found the door out. The last anyone saw of him he was running down a long hallway. Looked to see if a small mouse could possibly be a rat. Turns out there are several species of rat. One is small like a mouse. Whatever, I give the White House a gold star for cleanliness and assume it was merely a mouse. A mouse who inadvertently found his way in and was now looking for a way out.

To those of you who tuned into my blog talk radio show Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou last night, as you found out there was no show. Irritated me! When I tried to connect at 5 minutes to 9, things were not right. I was blocked. Called Sloan. Within minutes, she had ascertained the problem. Ergo, I had a night off. Not my fault however. The reason for the irritation is that it takes about 4 hours for me to prepare for the one half hour show.

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If no show, the 4 hours are wasted. The material will be dated and of no value next week. It was lunch time. I was driving by the White Street Pier. Decided to stop and walk the Pier. The outside perimeter. The water was moving. Tide high. At certain spots, it was coming over and onto the Pier. Pleasant to look at. Had to move my ass each time. A slight bit of news. Part of a money laundering scheme. Key Westers are good people all! It is one month post Dorian hitting the Bahamas. A category 5.

Beside 4 days of hurricane wind, the Cay was deluged in a 20 foot surge. Key Westers ae good and generous people. Absolutely no question. Immediately following Dorian, a group of Key Westers formed a group to help. Called themselves Key West Cares. Here is what Key West Cares has accomplished in one month. Fifty three thousand pounds of supplies shipped via charter cargo planes.

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Things like power generators, food, water, and clothing. The cost of the flights underwritten by Key West citizens and businesses. The Conch Republic Navy has been collecting bicycles to be sent. A group of local women founded heartpack. Purpose to send Bahamian children backpacks filled with educational materials, emergency supplies, and care kits with notes of love and support.

It was announced on this day in that construction would soon begin on a drive-in theater which was to be located on Stock Island. Never saw much. The whole purpose was to have a place to park and neck.